Myths & Facts


MYTH #1 – Slot machines with extended play but no significant payouts are “due” to hit soon or even now. This myth has no basis in fact. The outcome is determined by chance.

MYTH #2 – If the machine is cold to the touch, use cold coins or tokens. If the machine is warm to the touch, use warmed coins or tokens. This is another slot machine myth. Your luck is determined by the slot machine’s and/or your coin’s temperature.

MYTH #3. If a slot machine just hit the top jackpot, it won’t hit for a long time. Slot machines are governed by chance and probability, which determines when they ‘hit’. It could be two hours, a day, or a month later.

MYTH #4 – Casinos can tighten or loosen slots at will. This is also false. The manufacturers pre-program the slot machine chips to meet the state or location standards. The casinos monitor who wins and loses but do not “tweak” the machines.


FACT #1 – Not all slots are equal. From the number of reels to the average payout rates, they may appear identical on the outside, but they are not.

FACT #2 – The casino has the advantage almost always. Most slot machines pay out between 83 and 99 percent of the coins inserted. You can rest assured that the American-Slots.Net free game has a payout rate of over 100%. It’s not for real money, but it’s a lot of fun.

FACT #3 – When the reels stop spinning and the final symbol combination appears, it is the “will” of the slot machines’ microprocessor. You, the slot machine player, have no influence on the outcome. No jig, finger snap, or particular thought can help you win.