Welcome to the Flamingo Casino's website Flamingo Casino, together with Inter Entertainment Exploitation part of the Inter Entertainment Group. Flamingo Casino enjoys strong brand recognition because of its luxurious and inviting slots casinos. In North Holland Flamingo Casino with 10 branches absolute leader. There are two casinos in Limburg and a 13th branch in Emmen. All information about the operations, activities and other particulars of the Flamingo Casino's can be found on this website. Find more info on casino mate pokies here.

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From 2 January to 28 March 2009 Savings at Flamingo Casino Save now free for beautiful gifts!
this winter is very attractive to visit Flamingo Casino Bergen, Egmond, Heemstede, IJmuiden, Beverwijk, Horst, Tile and Emmen.

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Flamingo Casino offers smoking areas with a welcoming solution to smoking ban The coming weeks will be placed in all branches of Flamingo Casino tasteful, transparent and legally approved smoking. This optimally ventilated smoking rooms, guests of the casino may wish their cigarette smoking without nonsmoking guests or employees there inconvenienced. From July 1, 2008 is no longer legally allowed in bars and casinos like Flamingo Casino, to smoke. For an organization that has hospitality are paramount, it was a challenge to find a solution that appeals to both smokers and non-smokers. That solution was found in the placement of legally approved smoking areas with lockable doors.

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Mystery D? Nderdag As an additional action, you can at Flamingo Casino every d nderdag find the Mystery D? Nderdag. Besides the usual nice play, you can expect a surprise in the form of a special snack, drink or present. The themes of this Mystery D? Nderdag change weekly and are free for every player.

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Sweet 16 Player now playing at Flamingo Casino Purmerend
January 26 Chinese New Year at Flamingo Casino
Savings at Flamingo Casino
Flamingo Casino Emmen attend premiere latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace
Highest point Flamingos Party Center Noordwijkerhout on November 6 achieved in spectacular fashion
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